What I Wore From The Fall Wardrobe Guide Calendar

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“I can no longer live without these! I’m spoiled for life! Thank you!!!”

Comments like this flood my inbox and when I post the monthly calendar for Society members. Along with the shopping links by Twist, the 100 outfit combinations, and a curated seasonal capsule wardrobe collection, Society members also get a calendar each month with an outfit a day. They don’t even have to pick their own outfits, and they love it!

To be honest, so do I. Decision fatigue is an epidemic, and not having to choose what I wear each day makes getting dressed in 20 minutes or less the easiest thing I do all day. I really need that ease, and so do the Society members. We have more important things to focus on, but we still want to look and feel our best, and tell our style story every day with the Classic Style Twists.

Not sure what your Style Twist is? Learn how to customize your classic style and learn your Style Twist is by taking the quiz below. You’ll get the best results if you answer what you would wear in a perfect world, with no limitations.

With the Winter Wardrobe Guide launch coming soon, the crazy holiday season, all my kids’ sports and school activities, and upcoming travel, I need all the easy buttons I can get during this chaotic season, and having my outfits chosen for me is such a relief. I still shopped my closet and made each outfit my own. 

The winter wardrobe guide is coming soon!

The countdown is ON! You’ve been asking for it, and it’s almost here! The Winter 2019 Stunning Style Wardrobe Guide is coming before Thanksgiving–and the Black Friday sales!! Be the first to know when it’s available by joining the waitlist!

The seasonal Wardrobe Guides make getting dressed the easiest thing you do all day with a curated collection of 30+ pieces, an outfit for every day of the season, and a monthly calendar with an outfit a day! I include all the shopping links, with options for each Classic Style Twist so you can tell your style story effortlessly.

The cart will only be open for 7 days, and then you won’t be able to join again until the Spring Guide launches, so you don’t want to miss out!

My outfits from the calendar

Some days I don’t want any color, so I wear black, navy, or black and navy! This felt perfect, and I shopped my closet for all of it. Instead of red shoes I kept the red on my lips. That was enough for me.

I don’t have red pants right now, so any excuse to pull out my leopard skirt works for me! I flipped this outfit upside down to get a similar look. We had really beautiful weather, so I skipped the jacket.

Still needing all neutrals, so I chose all black and added my leopard bag to the shoes. I shopped my closet for everything.

We dress up for church on Sundays, so I swapped the jeans for this awesome textured skirt, which is also a great trick if you work in a professional environment. It snowed off and on this day, and I added tights and the navy booties to keep me warmer, and moved the burgundy up as a jacket. The snake skin booties are from the Fall Guide, and I shopped my closet for everything else.

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I substituted these gorgeous burgundy cords from last year’s Winter Guide for the red pants, and pulled this cozy turtleneck sweater from my winter wardrobe on this frosty day.  I shopped my closet for everything.

This is a busy time as I prepare for the Winter Guide launch, so, yah, back to the neutrals. I pulled out this black and white bold stripe turtleneck and felt perfect all day. I shopped my closet for all of it.

It snowed! And while I don’t love cold weather, I’ve been dying to pull this neutral leopard cashmere sweater out of my closet. I love it. I decided to keep the color only on my lips.

Same inspiration outfit, second version. I straight up copied this from a member of the Society, Chris. She wore this same leopard tee from the Summer Wardrobe Guide with black leather pants (that’s next!), and a black duster cardigan. 

stunner of the week

Stunner of the week
My favorite thing about Stunning Style Society is April. She is real, open, vulnerable and doesn’t take herself too seriously. She gives everyone freedom and encouragement to be their best selves. She is very knowledgeable about classic style, but realizes it looks different for different people.

I can’t tell you how many times my daughters have said to me “well, I like that for you mom, but I wouldn’t wear it.” I felt like I must be making poor choices. Then I took April’s style twist quiz and found I’m Minimal Classic with a strong Edgy twist.

My daughters both took the quiz and are Minimal Classic with a strong Soft/Comfort twist. We like some of the same things but we have very different styles. I think the quiz helped us understand this. We are giving each other permission and support to be who we are.

Fall 2019 was my first season. I have learned so much from April. I’m shopping with confidence and I like getting dressed. I love all the videos and look forward to Mondays and Wednesdays when she’s live on Facebook. I’m totally hooked!
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Paulette G.

Paulette looks amazing! I am in love with that coat and how she styled it. Thanks for sharing your style with us, Paulette!


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