NEW neutral eye

A Quick And Easy Neutral Eye Makeup Tutorial For Every Day

I created this look specifically to go with the Stunning Style Winter Wardrobe Guide, but it’s the perfect neutral look to go with any outfit and any lip color. With my cool skin tones, I can’t wear brown eye makeup, and this quick and easy look is my new go-to 5-minute makeup look. Come check out the video I made to show you step-by-step exactly how to create it. 

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NEW bold autumn makeup

Bold Autumn Sunset Everyday Eye Makeup Tutorial For Cool Skin Tones

After watching all the beautiful fall makeup tutorials, I decided to adapt them to the bold colors that look best on my cool skin tone, and I love how this one turned out. It reminds me of an autumn sunset, and it’s the perfect everyday look to go with the bold color clothes I wear and my skin. Come see the video tutorial and exactly how I created this look using the Urban Decay Full Spectrum Eyeshadow Palette.

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NEW fall Burgundy Makeup Look Inspired

Fall Burgundy Makeup Look Inspired By Dominique Sachse

Like everyone, I have my list of favorite YouTubers I follower, and Dominique Sachse is top of my list. She is elegant, classy, sassy and a problem solver like I am. As much as I adore her makeup looks, I can’t copy them directly because the color palette is awful on my Winter cool skin tone. After watching one of her recent videos, I got creative and tried to recreate the look I saw her wearing. I actually came up with two, and this is the first. Come check out my Fall burgundy look for cool skin tones!

If you saw this show up in your email last week, sorry about that. It was a draft that wasn’t supposed to be visible yet.

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NEW no brown eyeshadow

Easy Everyday Eye Makeup Without Brown Eyeshadow!

Hey guess what? Not everyone looks great in brown eyeshadow. I’m one of them. I have cool tones to my skin, and brown makes my face look dirty instead of glowy. When I shared this makeup look on social media, so many of you asked me to make a video, so I did! Come check out this easy everyday eye makeup look that doesn’t have any brown shadow.

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How to Personalize Your Classic Style

How To Personalize Your Classic Style With The Stunning Style Wardrobe Guides

The Winter Wardrobe Guide is coming soon! Have you been wondering exactly how the Guides work? Imagine getting out the door looking your best in record time with minimal effort. Imagine a curated closet of pieces you love and wear. With the Stunning Style Wardrobe Guides creating your signature classic style has never been so easy!

With a curated collection of 30+ pieces, 100 outfits, a daily outfit calendar, and a shopping index you will have everything you need to shop your closet, fill in any missing pieces, and create a wardrobe that tells your style story. You can be effortlessly stunning every day.

Check out exactly how members use the Guides to personalize their classic style (with outfit examples). Each of them puts their own twist on the outfits and their style story shines through.

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NEW loved jackets

What I Wore When I Loved Jackets

Jackets are a fun way for women to change up a basic outfit and make a statement. From denim to moto to military to anorak, dressy or casual, we love them all! They are the ultimate accessory. Come see what I wore when I loved my jackets and get inspired to dive into your own and make new outfits.

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NEW love body type

How To Love Your Body Type With A Winter Closet Clear Out

I choose to dress and love the body I have NOW in a way that makes me look and feel fantastic. All body types are beautiful, and you can accentuate that by choosing items that flatter yours. One is no better than the other, they are just different. In this video series I’m taking you through my closet to show you which winter pieces I’m parting with, and why. Come see what I’m purging in this closet clear out. It will inspire you to dress the body you have!

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NEW guilt

How To Deal With Guilt During A Winter Closet Cleanout

Cleaning out your closet is a lot like breaking up. You part ways with different items for different reasons, but it can be an emotional experience. I’m taking you through my closet in 7 separate videos over the next week to show you which winter pieces I’m parting with, and why. Come see my winter closet purge. It will inspire you to break up with some things yourself!

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