Must-Have Items for Transitional Weather: Part 1

Must-Have Items for Transitional Weather

Stay Comfortable All Spring WIth These Essentials

Today I want to share one must-have item for transitional weather. We’re doing a short series, so this will be a fun bite-sized Style Snack! As long as you have these essentials in your spring wardrobe, you’ll be able to adapt your outfits quickly to keep up with the unpredictable weather. The best part is that I’ve already found these pieces and included them in the Spring Wardrobe Guide! If you want the easy button solution, I would love to have you join us in the Stunning Style Society and help you feel prepared to take on anything the season can toss your way.

This article and the video below are taken from the Stunning Style Weekly Style Snack! Join us Wednesdays at 1pm ET on the Stunning Style Facebook page or the FREE Capsule Wardrobes for Classic Style Facebook Group.

A Lightweight Jacket

The first must-have item I want to share with you is a lightweight jacket. During bumper seasons like spring, the weather can go from snow to sizzling in one day, and that means we need to be prepared if we want to stay comfortable. The answer to our problem is LAYERS!

I can’t say the words ‘light jacket’ without showing you this clip.

I love that movie, and if you haven’t seen Miss Congeniality recently you definitely should go watch it.I always try to keep a or jacket or sweater on hand during this season so I can keep warm when it’s needed and shed it when it’s not. A jacket a great transitional piece and not tough to find. You probably have one in your closet. They can be the perfect cover for those chilly mornings. If you don’t have one, I would suggest neutral colors to start. One of my favorite options for spring is a white or dark wash denim jacket. They pair well just about anything!

If you need something dressier, try a blazer. Trench coats are another favorite of mine, and if it has a hood and is water resistant, you’ve got your function and your fashion covered. I love this navy rain trench, it was featured in last year’s Spring Classic Wardrobe Guide and this year I found another fantastic one to include! It’s exactly what I need for the rainy area I live in. If you’re missing something like this in your wardrobe, I’ve got you covered!

A cardigan is a cozy option that can still be quite chic when you want a bit of warmth. The first one is one of my very favorites, and it’s very thin so it’s great for later in the season. The cobalt one is more substantial and keeps me perfectly warm on chilly days. There’s a great cobalt cardigan in the Spring Guide this season, and I’m shopping my closet and wearing this one instead. That’s what we do in the Society, we shop our closets first and see what we already have and can use for the inspiration outfits. It’s not about going out and buying an all new wardrobe. When you combine the guides that I curate with the pieces you already own, the options are endless.

Get Inspired This Spring!

In the Spring Classic Wardrobe Guide, I’ve already chosen some fantastic layers for you, along with an entire spring wardrobe to help you make this spring your most stylish. Whether you shop your closet for your spring layers or need to add one to your wardrobe, the Guide will provide you with inspiration.

One of the member-favorite perks of the Stunning Style Society is the monthly wardrobe calendars. Not only do they get the Classic Wardrobe Guide with a curated wardrobe of 30+ pieces, an online shopping portal to buy anything they need, and 100 outfit templates to make putting together outfits effortless, they also don’t have to choose their outfit each day because I’ve done it for them.

The doors to join the Society are open for one week only, and when you become a member you get instant access to the Spring Classic Wardrobe Guide, the outfit calendars, and so much more! 

AND Mr. Stunning surprised me and all the members with an amazing new feature! The members have been asking for something like this and he finally figured out how to make it happen.

You can now see each of the outfits in the members portal of the website and now they can:

  • Click on the outfit and see it larger
  • Sort by item
  • Sort by multiple items
  • Sort by month
  • Save outfits to favorites
  • Helps substitute items better
  • Works great on mobile device too

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