NEW no brown eyeshadow

Easy Everyday Eye Makeup Without Brown Eyeshadow!

Hey guess what? Not everyone looks great in brown eyeshadow. I'm one of them. I have cool tones to my skin, and brown makes my

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What You Need To Know About Depression: MTHFR Mutation Symptoms

When I found out I was homozygous for the MTHFR gene mutation c677t, it was like a lightbulb. It explained so many of my health

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How to Quit Skinny Jeans

How To Quit Skinny Jeans

Ready to ditch your skinny jeans? I has tips to flatter your figure and help you feel confident and body positive.
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NEW WIW wore it better

What I Wore When I Wore It Better

This week I decided to go back and find 8 outfits from a few years ago and tweak them to look and fit better. One

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NEW niacin

What You Should Know About Niacin And Depression

Depression is isolating. You keep the symptoms hidden, even from yourself. Recovery and treatment feel impossible and overwhelming. A few years ago when I realized

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NEW made bold colors

What I Wore When I Made Bold Colors Feel Like Fall

I'm loving the perfect crisp fall weather. It's cold enough for layers and not so cold I'm in danger of hypothermia. I rescued my tomatoes

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NEW WIW loved my life

What I Wore When I Loved My Life

What a full week! I had company come stay, a huge weekend event, met a bunch of wonderful new friends, and I launched my new

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NEW WIW black all week

What I Wore When I Wore Black All Week

This week has been a bear. So busy and stressful, so I retreated to black. Even my husband said to me a few days ago,

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NEW WIW feel like fall

What I Wore When It Started To Feel Like Fall

The weather is finally starting to cool down! I'm so glad because I love to wear jeans much more than shorts, and now it's socially

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35 Errands You Can Run Before 10AM

I'm often out of the house early for school drop offs, sports practices, or workouts, and since I'm already out, I want to do a

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NEW WIW didnt go out of town

What I Wore When We Didn’t Go Out Of Town

How was your Labor Day? Summer is officially over, and the temperatures have soared again, but fall will be here soon. This is what I

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NEW kids back to school

What I Wore After The Kids Went Back To School

Has school started where you live? This is week two, and I'm still trying to recover from the summer. That means I didn't wear a

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Free Masterclass: It's Not You, It's the Pants!

Four Tips to Buy the Perfect Pants so You Never Have a Muffin Top Again!

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