NEW WIW Costa RIca

What I Wore In Costa Rica

Our family just got back from a 2-week trip to Costa Rica, and we had a blast! This week's What I Wore post is sharing

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NEW spring uniform

What I Wore For My Spring Uniform

I have a spring uniform that I go back to again and again. This week the weather slowly warmed up, and I went immediately to

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NEW WIW Mother Nature

What I Wore When Mother Nature Was In A Bad Mood

Spring is so iffy here. It's up and down and right now it's cold. Like maybe my tomato plants might not make it cold. Mother

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Sane Featured Image

The Secret To Staying Sane During Summer Break

Summertime fun with kids can also wear you out! It can be hard work to have so much fun, and after about a week of

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NEW WIW Spring finally

What I Wore When Spring Finally Happened

So spring is happening, finally. That's pretty exciting, and I'm finally wearing short sleeves! It feels great! Here is what I wore when the temperatures

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NEW travel shoes

Cute And Comfortable Travel Shoes

Travel season is upon us, and the thing I think about most is my feet. Having cute and comfortable travel shoes is essential for me.

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NEW Disney

What I Wore When I Went Disneybounding

This week I did something uncharacteristically fun. My family and friends were SHOCKED because I'm pretty much no fun at all. My husband brings all

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switching purses

The Secret To Switching Purses In Less Than A Minute

I used to think I had to buy a sensible purse so it would go with every outfit. Switching purses took too long. Now I

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What I Wore 4-19-17

When spring throws you a curveball (or a snowball) in late April, you make those layers work for you. Here's how I adapted to the

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What I Wore 4-12-17

Spring time is when our level of busyness ramps up and just continues until the end of the year. Spring soccer has started, the new

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What I Wore 4-05-17

Spring break marches on and it was busy, busy, which I do not consider a break. We had 3 days of swimming, a movie, a

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The Secret To Disguise Thinning Hair

The Secret To Disguise Thin(ning) Hair

I've been battling thinning hair for nearly four years, ever since my last baby was born. I've made progress in regrowing some of it, but
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