Transition Your Outfits From Summer To Fall: Tip #2

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Have the fall look and get more mileage out of your summer clothes

How To Transition Your Outfits From Summer to Fall

Fall is coming and most of us can’t wait! Not only are we ready for a break from the sweltering heat, but fall fashion is a favorite! How do you get that vibe without having a heat stroke? Today is tip #2 for how to transition your outfits and wardrobe when it’s still hot outside! Yesterday we covered tip #1, and I’ll be sharing a tip a day this week in connection with the Shop Your Closet Challenge.

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Tip #2 - Add a Little Length

Summer is all about wearing the bare minimum clothing so you don’t melt. It has nothing to do with flashing some skin and everything to do with how hot it is, and that is always a definite sign that summer is around. So by adding a little length to some of your clothes, you are channeling and pulling in that fall look.

An easy way to add a fall vibe to your outfit is to add a little length to one of your pieces. That could be:

A ¾ Sleeve Top

We’re going to look at Olivia Palermo’s outfits again. Here she’s wearing a ¾ sleeve top and that is automatically transitioning her outfit a little more toward fall and a little less summery.


A Long Sleeve Top

Here Olivia has on a dress with full sleeves, which definitely says fall to me. It could easily be a skirt with a long sleeve top as well.

Transition Your Outfits From Summer To Fall: Tip #2

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Cropped or Full Length Pants

Instead of going with length on your sleeves, you could try adding a little length on bottom. In the first outfit Olivia has on a very cool and breezy summer top but she’s wearing some ankle pants, which leans more into the fall. In the second outfit she’s paired a sleeveless top with ankle jeans.


Yes, I am aware of just how hot it is outside, but there are some tricks to doing this so it looks and feels comfortable. As we talked about yesterday, most of us spend our time in a temperature-controlled environment, so this isn’t as outrageous as it sounds.

Only Add Length to One Item Per Outfit

In this example she’s taken a long sleeve top and rolled up the sleeves, so she’s still getting the extra length but made it more comfortable. She’s also paired it with shorts so, like all of these examples, she’s only added length to one item and not her whole outfit.

Choose Your Textiles Wisely

What I mean by this is don’t go for a merino wool ¾ sleeve top. Try a thinner cotton tee or button up. Jeans will be warmer than a thinner cotton twill. Choose something that is a natural fiber that will breathe. In this outfit she’s wearing very lightweight materials.

Fit Matters

A slightly looser fit will be more breathable and breezier than something tighter. The closer your clothes are to your skin, the less air circulation you will have and the hotter you will feel. In the first outfit she has a loose, full skirt and her button up is not very fitted. In the second, she’s chosen a shorter skirt with a looser lightweight blouse.

I’d love to know if any of you have tried this tip, or are planning on trying it. I hope this gave you some ideas on how you can incorporate some length into these transition months if the weather is not quite ready for fall, and you are!

I’ll be sharing a new tip each day this week, so join me at 1 pm ET each day for more ideas to transition your outfits to fall because the next tip could be the perfect one for you.

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