Transition Your Outfits From Summer To Fall: Tip #6

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Have the fall look and get more mileage out of your summer clothes

How To Transition Your Outfits From Summer to Fall

This season’s Shop Your Closet Challenge is all about how to transition your outfits from summer to fall during this bumper season when the weather can be so unpredictable. It might be 100 degrees at your house, and it might be cold and rainy. Some of you will get snow in October when others are still in shorts. No matter what the weather is doing, you are craving fall fashion, and this week I’m sharing my tips to dress for fall, even if Mother Nature isn’t cooperating.

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It’s that time of year again when we start to crave the transition into autumn before the transition actually happens. Meaning, we want sweaters, scarves, booties, and layers but it’s still swimsuit weather. What’s a girl with fall fever to do?

This week I’ve been sharing a tip a day on how to transition your wardrobe and outfit to fall when it’s still hot outside, and today is tip #6!

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Tip #6 - Add Texture

The final tip I’m sharing this week is to add some texture to your outfit to get the autumn vibe. In fall, the earth is dying, and things become dry, brittle, rough, and textured. Gardens are being harvested and preserved for winter. Grains dry in the fields. Leaves fall to the ground, shrivel and crunch under our shoes. Baskets are woven from the dried stalks. We pull out the heavier, quilted blankets because it’s getting colder at night.

Reflecting the texture of the earth during each season is how we add seasonal details to our outfits. Adding one or a combination of a few of these textures in your outfits will help you lean into fall. You can add texture to your wardrobe with options like:

  • Corduroy – there is a fabulous corduroy skirt in the Guide!
  • Quilting – look at accessories like shoes or bags
  • Suede 
  • Leather 
  • Cable knits 
  • Calf hair 
  • Larger, chunkier knits 
  • Woven items 
  • Tweed  
  • Items with more structure
  • Faux Fur
  • Denim
  • Embossed items like croc
Most of these are available in accessories like shoes, belts, and bags, which will not overheat you. 

How to Bring Texture into Your Outfits

Darker patterns

1. Olivia Palermo has texture on her sleeveless top, her woven straw bag, and her calf hair flats. 2. Her lightweight cardigan has a chunky weave. 3. The white sweater has an open, textured weave that is still very ventilated, and her suede flats and textured bag also add to the fall vibe.

Summer to fall transition collages

1. Olivia’s dress is not only leather, but the laser cut design adds texture. 2. Her denim on denim look is still cool enough for the NYC heat while bringing in a fall vibe. 3. Leather shorts, a textured straw bag, and a lightweight chunky knit sweater hint that fall is coming.

Darker patterns

1. My dress has a fine ribbed texture and my flats are suede. My bag is quilted, but you can’t see it in the photo. 2. the crochet inset on my tee adds texture along with the calf hair belt and wedges. 3. My croc embossed bag and denim are perfect fall texture.

Darker patterns

1. The ribbed texture on this thin, short-sleeve sweater plus the leather skirt and the calf hair bag and heels all add up to fall. 2. Denim, the raw texture of the leather on my wedges and calf hair bag are all leaning into fall. 3. Texture can also be subtle with the pebbled texture of my bag and wedges and the jute trim on my sandals.

I hope this gave you some ideas on how you can incorporate texture into these transition months if the weather is not quite ready for fall, and you are!

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The doors the to Stunning Style Society are open as of today, and the Fall Wardrobe Guide is out and available. The members received it on Saturday and they are LOVING it! I create 100 outfits and put them on a calendar for you and the first several outfits are transition outfits. I’ve already done the work for you, taken these tips and created transition outfits for you so you don’t even have to think about it or pick your outfit (how nice does that sound?). Learn more about the Society and the Fall Classic Wardrobe Guide by clicking here

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