Transition Your Outfits From Summer To Fall: Tip #4

Transition Your Outfits From Summer to Fall  Tip  Featured

Get the fall look and get more mileage out of your summer clothes

Transition Your Outfits From Summer to Fall

This season’s Shop Your Closet Challenge is all about how to transition your outfits from summer to fall during this bumper season when the weather can be so unpredictable. It might be 100 degrees at your house, and it might be cold and rainy. Some of you will get snow in October when others are still in shorts. No matter what the weather is doing, you are craving fall fashion, and this week I’m sharing my tips to dress for fall, even if Mother Nature isn’t cooperating.

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Tip #4 - Pick a Fall Pattern

Even though it’s still obnoxiously hot, when I looked out my son’s bedroom window this morning, a few leaves on the top of the tree had started to turn red. And I think Mother Nature was reassuring me that fall will come, just like it does every year. I truly love every season, but fall has always been my favorite, and come September 1, I officially declare autumn has arrived in my home and wardrobe. I put up my fall wreath, switch to fall flowers, and start to transition my wardrobe to look like fall.


But how does that work when I could cook an omelet in my mailbox? This week I’ve been sharing 1 tip a day on how to transition your wardrobe and outfits to fall even when it’s still hot outside, and today is tip #4!

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Seasonal Patterns Come from History

Today’s tip is to add some seasonal patterns to your wardrobe. Think back on the not-too-distant past to draw your inspiration. What were the traditional activities of autumn as the world prepared for winter?

Hunting to store meat for food and skins for warmth 

Gathering in the harvest 

Making quilted blankets and coats and other clothing to keep them warm all winter. 

Bringing the herds in from pasture

And what did they start to wear when the weather cooled down? Instead of the cotton calicos, they pulled out their woolen items, which often came in plaid prints, tweeds, and houndstooth, and herringbone. While many of these patterns are thousands of years old, most of them came into modern fashions through the Scottish, who made wool weaving into a true art form. 

What started as common dress among everyday Scots was adopted by the British aristocracy or spread to other countries as the Scots emigrated to various nations during a terrible period in their history. The beautiful patterns have been adopted around the world and are now synonymous with the changing of the seasons and pulling out our warmer clothes.

Fall Harvest

Incorporate Them Into Your Wardrobe

Today, you don’t have to wait for the weather to change to wear the patterns we’ve come to see as synonymous with fall because they come on anything from a t-shirt to shoes and bags. Try incorporating seasonal patterns like:


Animal prints – Leopard, snake skin, croc


Camo – this shirt is in the current shopping portal.


Houndstooth – This fabulous bag is featured in the current Fall Classic Wardrobe Guide!

Bag houndstooth





Does that mean your other favorite patterns are off the table? Absolutely not! And when you join me tomorrow, we will talk all about it in my 5th tip. I hope this gave you some ideas on how you can incorporate patterns into these transition months if the weather is not quite ready for fall, and you are!

I’ll be sharing a new tip each day this week, so join me at 1 pm ET each day for more ideas to transition your outfits to fall because the next tip could be the perfect one for you.

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